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Bluemoon chat box ♥

Chat Rules


1. Mild cussing ONLY allowed

2. No Spamming or Flooding

3. No advertising chats or blogs

4. Don't ask for ranks. (You will not be kicked but you will be ignored)

5. No posing

6. Don't post inappropriate links or pictures.

7. No racism or sexism

8. Don't lie. If there is evidence of you faking reports, you will be kicked.

8. Do not ask for personal information. If the person does not wish to tell you, leave them alone. Posting information or photos of others' without permission will be banned.

For Moderators:

1. Be active, help out.

2. Do not abuse your rank. Result in being demoted.

3. If you are AFK, make it obvious.


Hey guys!
So Jenny recently found the Fantage Bluemoon chat box password again,
and we're trying to get the blog/chat up and running again!

Thank you.                                               -Dani ☺